Experience Handling

I like how Pokemon has six different speeds at which a Pokemon can level based on how many experience points are needed to attain the next level: Erratic, Fast, Medium Fast, Medium Slow, Slow and Fluctuating.

For Psyonic I decided, at the moment, to use three main branches of player character customization: Psyonic, Physical and Aptitude. Each with 5 levels of modification.

Current working idea for character modifications. Actual number will most likely change.

I don’t like how Skyrim and other entries in The Elder Scrolls series reward the player for performing repetitive tasks like tying a rubber band around the analogue stick in Morrowind to get the character’s athletics skill to increase and ultimately the character’s level.

So I’m currently looking for a way to reward the player for using a skill in either a productive manner, say in a fight, or with logarithmic skill growth curve.

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