Motion Warping Component Disappearance Hassle

I’ve been watching Gorka Games’ Unreal Engine 5 RPG Tutorial Series. Unfortunately I was having issues saving the “Motion Warping” component to my player character blueprint and the “MotionWarping” “Notify State” in my animation montages.

When restarting the project my player character blueprint would erase the “Motion Warping” Component and would remove the “Motion Warping” association from the functions that targeted “Motion Warping” such that the subtitle “Target is Motion Warping Component” would be missing even after adding a new “Motion Warping” component.

Properly working “Motion Warping” function in Player Character

When restarting the project “MotionWarping” “Notify States” in all Animation Montages would become generic “AnimNotifies” which would no longer caring the relevant information such as the end of the notify and the other settings associated with the “MotionWapring” “Notify State”

The solution which works for me, since I used a C++ project instead of a pure blueprint project was to setup the “MotionWarping” plugin in the “.build.cs” file. Followed by adding the MotionWarping Component directly in the parent C++ class of my Player Character (not the UE Character.cpp, but my subclass derived from the UE Character.cpp).

After restarting several times since this issue I have not been able to replicate the data loss that I was previously experiencing.

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