Mixamo Retargeting for Unreal


Issues Fixed

  • Mixamo animates the pelvis in an animation but does not animate the root bone
  • Imported animations do not use the foot IK currently used by the UE5 mannequin
  • The shoulders of the UE5 mannequin slouch in retargeted animations

Issues Pending

  • Hand IK (Hand_IK_R and Hand_IK_L) does not match up with the Mixamo animation.



  1. Download Animation form Mixamo using one of the default meshes available on Mixamo (Y Bot is my current preference) as to avoid having to match bones directly in Mixamo.
  2. Use Mixamo Converter to add root motion to the animation
  3. Upload the corrected skeletal mesh created by Mixamo to the Unreal Project, if you have not uploaded the corrected skeletal mesh before.
  4. Upload the corrected animations created by Mixamo to the Unreal Project using the previously uploaded skeletal mesh created in step 3.
  5. Using the skeleton created in step 3 set the Translation Retargeting to “Animation” for both the “root” and “pelvis” and set the Translation Retargeting to “Skeleton” for all the other bones. (See “Image 3. Unreal Skeleton Settings“)
  6. Using the skeletal mesh created in step 3 create an IK Rig, open the IK Rig and create all the retarget chains and IK Goals that match up with UE5 Mannequin (See “Image 1. Unreal Target Chains“)
  7. Using the IK Rig created in step 5 create an IK Retargeter select the UE5 Mannequin IK Rig as the Target. (See “Image 2. Unreal Retarget Settings“) copy the chain settings for all chains using the retargeters included with unreal for UE4 to UE5 mannequins.
  8. Using the IK Retargeter export the animations as usual



Image 1. Unreal Retarget Chains
Image 2. Unreal Retarget Settings
Image 3. Unreal Skeleton Settings

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