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Unreal running my FlipTacToe game

I’ve put my Psyonics and Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle projects on hiatus for now to focus on a project with a smaller scope and a more manageable MVP (minimum viable product) for a single developer. I will continue to work on the other two projects or, more likely, combine the two projects and allow for the psyonic protagonist to use vehicles in an unauthorized manner.

FlipTacToe is the name I’ve given to the game on which I am currently working. It is based off the rules in a game I used to play when I was in middle school. While the game I owned was Rubik’s Eclipse, I have found that the game goes by other names including: Heads & Tails and Rubik’s Flip. I’ve programmed the game previously, in Java and on the Nintendo DS but I’m looking to hone my C++ and Unreal experience.

I’ve began to follow a playlist youtube playlist Blueprint Multiplayer | v4.11 | Unreal Engine where the host describes the process of creating a multiplayer session using Blueprints and with my experience converting Blueprint to C++ and some fancy Google searches I am slowly bringing networking into my game.

I’ve had some issues with deciding in which class or blueprint I should place any given variable. Previously, this has never been an issue to which I’ve given too much thought. But with the way Unreal abstracts multiplayer functionality and uses mode, states and instance I’ve had to pick a location which would make most since at the time then with more experience realize that I need to refactor my code and backtrack changes. That’s what I’m hear for though, to learn.

If you would like to help fund me in my pursuits, please visit my Patreon page at Patreon.com/ScorpionGlitch

As always you can find my personal projects on my Github at Github.com/DavidAllenArcher

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