Storymatic Writing Prompt

Storymatic, I’m not sure if it’s a game, but my girlfriend bought it from a board game store, The Uncommons. In any case, we gamified the process by setting a timer and competing. The rules are to select two gold cards which signify who a character is and two copper cards which decide what happens in the story.

Without further ado, these are the cards I drew and the story I came up with. Please enjoy.


  • Wrestler
  • A person with a devastating secret


  • If only what was said could be taken back
  • Secret meeting

I heard his neck snap. With that, Saboteur was dead. I could have warned him but he already knew. I mean he had to have known, right? Who else would have left me the note to meet them after the show. I mean a man knows when someone else is getting friendly with his girl.

His face was still, but his eyes were open.

I mean, if he didn’t know then he definitely knows now. When we die there are no more secrets. But at least I won’t have to deal with him and the shit I put myself into. Beside, she came onto me. He obviously wasn’t satisfying her anyway. But, fuck, she meant nothing to me. I would have told him I was going to stay away from her anyway.

He didn’t have to die, I should have warned him.

    We use a few tricks in this show, the sport of wrestling. We know how to take and throw hits without causing serious harm to one another, physically at least. Fuck, I must have hurt him bad. He wasn’t one to leave notes. If the Saboteur was upset at you you’d know it. It came out on the ring, he had a real passion when he was upset. It was no longer acting. But Carl, Saboteur, would definitely confront you face to face. If it was a talking to or a punch in the gut, Carl was not afraid to confront his enemies.

    I went to the alley behind our usual bar to pay my goodbyes, after the cops arrested Vanguard, Steve, for killing Saboteur with a steel chair instead of the softer aluminium chair. It was where our secret meeting was to be held. 

    It was Rebecca who left the message, I realized as she walked up to me as I poured a beer out for Karl. Karl found out we were together and she had left me the note to let me know they were breaking up because they both knew they weren’t right for each other and he had blessed our relationship.

    Rebecca couldn’t see me again though. She blames me for his death. I didn’t tell her that I could have saved him by warning him that the crew left the wrong folding chair under the stage. But it was like she knew.

    I lied though, and it hurts, because I know now that I did love her.

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