Scorpio Progress

Scorpio is a character I am working on for a personal game I am creating. I started with a few reference images one of a human male and scorpion. After getting the proportions to an acceptable balance, I started to draw armor onto my references using Gimp. Once my references looked like a good starting point I began to create the 3D model using Blender. At the same time I took advantage of the modifiers built into Blender such as Shrinkwrap and Solidify in order to incorporate the armor plating.

Early Scorpio Model before adding his tail

One of the early challenges was deciding how to mount the tail onto the character without looking like a backpack (such as the Scorpion character on Spider-Man). Ultimately, I decided a tapered backpack which ultimately becomes a fanny-pack was the most elegant solution. Albeit, Scorpio looks like he’s has an exaggerated posterior.

Low poly tail added, but still did not include armor plating

While I liked how Scorpio looked when I finished his model, I found the nearly half a million triangle used to make him up were overkill for a video game. So I began a journey to simplify as much as I could get away with. I am quite happy with the ratio of about 46:1

Manual Re-topology, using baked normal map for details

I started working on my own armature and IK rig for animating. Although, I am currently working on weight painting a Rigify armature and will add Shape Keys to correct issues in bend joints that cause the model to fold in on itself.

Finished Scorpio Model, with IK armature

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